STEVE – The Guy Downstairs

There’s this fellow downstairs, Steve, who used to be a contractor doing roofing and other construction. One day he “fell off” a roof and since has been confined to a wheelchair existence. Pretty sad really. But this fellow keeps at it, has a small business buying and selling items, he gets cheaply, locally or by wholesale, on eBay. He paints too. Not bad stuff either, doesn’t really see himself selling a lot of his work. Too bad IMHO.
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Scientology Has The Answers Part III

(Continued from Part II)

One person I audited who had a considerable upset with a family member that was not resolving was asked simple non-invasive questions, while I consulted the meter (E-Meter) occasionally. The questions ran as follows: What conclusions have you made about the upset? Have you made any decisions about the person? Tell me your feelings about the person etc. After a few minutes the person sitting opposite me began to smile, I noted that the E-meter was not registering any reactions and I indicated to her that we could go on to the next part of her repair program. The simple fact of listening and not doing any of 1 to 29 of the AUDITOR’S CODE made it possible for this person to see the truth of the matter in your own time and space and that finished it to her satisfaction.

The Auditor can also compute while listening. This is necessary because while the person in their session is looking inward the auditor being exterior to the enturbulence* and falsely acquired data that is causing the difficulty can correctly identify and direct their attention fully to the details of the matter being addressed. Fully examining the details brings about freedom. Know the truth, and the truth sets a person free. Free to BE, free to Do, free to HAVE.

Probably the only reason confessions and such delivered by churches in the past did not fully resolve the problems and repeated undesirable behavior of a person, is that the priest or minister lacked an instrument capable of detecting the minutest thought. Scientology auditors have such a device and only registered Scientologist ministers by law can have or use one.

Once the parishioner and auditor have gone over ALL THE FACTS of what needs to be addressed and the metering device agrees, the matter is forever a thing of the past.

Another form of auditing called OBJECTIVES may be the solution to a host of social problems, and certainly is a milestone when completed on the route to greater freedom. It consists of processes to familiarize a person completely with the environment. It is noticeable, as was discovered by L. Ron Hubbard that people tend to shy away from spaces and objects and that includes people. OBJECTIVE auditing also permits a person under the guidance of a trained Scientologist (Auditor) to experience touching and letting go of objects and spaces until the person is totally comfortable with being given commands–directions really, and is finally comfortable in duplicating actions physically without protest. These drills usually run out a type of hypnotic trance that the environment has produced over the years on them. One such person, had been an alcoholic for the majority of his life and nothing, not even other auditing had really helped this individual. It took 35 hours of objective auditing of several types but at the end he was free from his habitual and slavish dependency on alcohol. BTW, OBJECTIVES are a MAJOR step in rehabilitating drug addicts and is used in the NARCONON program.

A third person undergoing auditing had a terrible loss of a sexual nature. The person that he had been seeing for a long time broke it off. It took though just two hours of auditing to completely heal the trauma associated with the breakup. The person was able to work more efficiently at his workplace and he no doubt could find another individual with which to create a marriage, which was the intention before the breakup.

*Enturbulence: the emotional upset and mental turbulence stemming from an uspset.

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Scientology Has The Answers Part II

When someone asks (although less and less these days) What is Scientology, I can answer in many ways since Scientology is wisdom applied to living, and that covers a lot of activities and interests.

Here are a few of the answers easy to understand:

It’s a controversial new religion and religious philosophy based on the most ancient wisdom, used by millions to better their lives and be happier, sometimes misused by a few with bad intentions to bring others to ruin and succumb.

It’s the Glorious story of Man the Spirit vs Man from Mud theory, Man conquers Mud.

The rediscovery of the human soul, YOU, the isolation of its exact nature, and its ultimate liberation.

It’s what the common modern man uses to make his plans become actuality and achieve a higher state of being.

Scientology means more happiness, higher productivity, greater life, greater length of life and greater pleasure during life.

Here is the Code of Behavior for counselors in Scientology when aiding others to release trauma from their lives and overcome obstacles to a happier existence. They are called AUDITORS. The definition in Scientology for AUDITOR is a trained Scientologist who listens. Tomorrow I’ll go into depth as to how that helps people achieve the above. I’ll give examples from my experience as a Scientology Auditor.

I hereby promise as an auditor to follow the Auditor’s Code.

1. I promise not to evaluate for the preclear or tell him what he should think about his case in session.

2. I promise not to invalidate the preclear’s case or gains in or out of session.

3. I promise to administer only Standard Tech to a preclear in the standard way.

4. I promise to keep all auditing appointments once made.

5. I promise not to process a preclear who has not had sufficient rest and who is physically tired.

6. I promise not to process a preclear who is improperly fed or hungry.

7. I promise not to permit a frequent change of auditors.

8. I promise not to sympathize with a preclear but to be effective.

9. I promise not to let the preclear end session on his own determinism but to finish off those cycles I have begun.

10. I promise never to walk off from a preclear in session.

11. I promise never to get angry with a preclear in session.

12. I promise to run every major case action to a floating needle.

13. I promise never to run any one action beyond its floating needle.

14. I promise to grant beingness to the preclear in session.

15. I promise not to mix the processes of Scientology with other practices except when the preclear is physically ill and only medical means will serve.

16. I promise to maintain communication with the preclear and not to cut his communication or permit him to overrun in session.

17. I promise not to enter comments, expressions or enturbulence into a session that distract a preclear from his case.

18. I promise to continue to give the preclear the process or auditing command when needed in the session.

19. I promise not to let a preclear run a wrongly understood command.

20. I promise not to explain, justify or make excuses in session for any auditor mistakes whether real or imagined.

21. I promise to estimate the current case state of a preclear only by Standard Case Supervision data and not to diverge because of some imagined difference in the case.

22. I promise never to use the secrets of a preclear divulged in session for punishment or personal gain.

23. I promise to never falsify worksheets of sessions.

24. I promise to see that any donation received for processing is refunded following the policies of the Claims Verification Board, if the preclear is dissatisfied and demands it within three months after the processing, the only condition being that he may not again be processed or trained.

25. I promise not to advocate Dianetics or Scientology only to cure illness or only to treat the insane, knowing well they were intended for spiritual gain.

26. I promise to cooperate fully with the authorized organizations of Dianetics and Scientology in safeguarding the ethical use and practice of those subjects.

27. I promise to refuse to permit any being to be physically injured, violently damaged, operated on or killed in the name of “mental treatment.”

28. I promise not to permit sexual liberties or violations of patients.

29. I promise to refuse to admit to the ranks of practitioners any being who is insane.

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Scientology Has The Answers

You have seen the advertisements, like the Superbowl XLIX one.  Now it is  time  to learn some of what that was about.  Scientology Superbowl Ad

When a group of people led by the greatest humanitarian discover the answers to illteracy: domestic abuse, wide spread drug abuse,  criminal behavior and other bad social conditions, it is their responsibility, it is their duty to make known the information to as many people on Earth as possible and as quickly as possible.

You’ve seen the ads, now get the truth.
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When you know you KNOW, and when you’re right you’re RIGHT

Awhile ago, as I was leaving I handed a book on ‘Character Education’ to a cashier at an East Indian grocery, asking him if the owner had given him a copy that I provided staff, in Hindi his native language previously in the past month . The owner purchased a dozen so he could give them out to his employees in their native language. The cashier said no, so I gave an English copy to him, one that I had with me. Upon leaving the store I noticed the KINDLE I was carrying was no longer with me and I raced back to get it.

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Five months after sequel to CAME / BLIND COMPARISON

I am reissuing this challenge in celebration of my ninth book’s publication. Five months after the debut of the sizzling sequel to the very real Confessions of an Alien Marooned on Earth comes the TRILOGY. Bringing to resolution the alien’s predicament. This project like the previous one, offers signed copies to the best reviews. It’s a “blind” comparison, comparing the opinions of Sci-Fi enthusiasts with those who never or seldom read science fiction. All entrants receive at least a Kindle/PDF copy gratis.

Entry requirements: 1) Valid email address, 2) account, 3) Length of review has to be 100 words or greater.

This contest will run until 10 in number or greater reviews are received and accepted as per 1) through 3) or until author deems it no longer of interest to himself or his publisher.

That’s It,

Third Book In Trilogy Complete

Third Book In Trilogy Complete

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A Few More Notes On Dental Health

Brushing and flossing, and cleaning with mouthwash to not get cavities is all in the direction of the wrong target.  What a person should be doing is looking to what they are putting in their bodies, what they are eating, they’re diet,  which makes the teeth weak.  Or conversely looking to put only in their bodies more of the nutrients necessary to make and KEEP their teeth healthy and strong, meaning resistant to any type of bacteria.  Because bacteria will always be in the mouth. That’s it’s purpose, to breakdown food so it can be digested and utilized to build and replace cells in the body.  Bacteria has the same effect on teeth and might as well add the inner mouth.  Where do you think cancor sores come from?

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The Almost Dentist

Well, dear Dr. (DDS), we see that like all the other dentists before you, that I have been a patient of, you persist in calling off numbers in front of my face while I’m helpless in your dental chair.  Numbers, which are never sufficiently explained as you tell your dental assistant with such authority, #9, a “3” #10, “5”, #11, “3”  #12 a “9” and on and on.  Looking wise and as if you needed to you to your lay friends coming to you for, not just a resolution to immediate pain or discomfort, but for the wisdom of how the teeth react to decayed food, and what are deep pockets, where do they come from, what parts of the tooth is effected and why.   Not even a picture.  Instead a negative, immediately associated with fractures and tumors, which scares the beJesus out people and confounds them. Yes your priesthood jargon that you have become so complacent to repeat robotically, you have lost the value of a true doctor of anything. WISDOM. I’ve just this week had to have two molars extracted, one for sure would have never been necessary except with neglect of proper communciation about that tooth and peridontal health.  And next week a second front upper tooth that for sure needed to be cared for by proper indoctrination.

If you want to be only a mechanic / technician, then say so in your ads and on the phone.  “Hi, I’m doctor Bradbury and I am a faithful mechanical dentist.  You will always get the latest mechanically sound technology applied at our family / happy dental practice.”


There are enough babies being born every day, to more than adequately supply dentists with dental and oral problems to settle with appliances, and teeth straightness etc.   We’ll get the mothers next time on the handling of that phenomena.  And so what?  What IF everyone finally realizes, truly understands how important it is to know the care of teeth, their teeth for the duration?   Why, even if you were no longer needed, would that be such a terrible condition to be in?   No, most dental work is CORRECTIVE.  WISDOM, about teeth, about any damn thing, predicts no or very little CORRECTION.   An occasional car crash/ motorcycle crash where the parties don’t die, but their mouths are messed up, see?  Still needed along with the less than optimum babies.

So, Dr. (DDS) The Almost Dentist (or Mechanical Dentist), what’s it gonna be?

Be sure to look over Dr. Ramiel Nagel’s

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Compulsory Education – A Failure For Many Years

I wish to add a few more comments to the original post. (See in context italics)

It has been observed that anything which is done automatically is better done by hand. So it is and has been and with worsening results with education when done compulsorily. The guilds of the 12th through the 18th century were exceedingly successful in educating its apprentice students in skills necessary to carry on survival in a maturing society, raising its head from the Dark Ages.

Where we went wrong was, not in providing school houses for our children in which they could read books and ask questions of a preceptor but, in passing laws making it compulsory to attend. In fact our civilization began, almost imperceptibly, to decline the moment we as adults agreed to be forced to sending our children “to school legally”, and of course accepting fiscal funding through taxation for this encroachment on the rights of children and parents.

“Life is the best educator”, is a saying that over and over again has been accepted by the multitudes, Continue reading

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Poetry and Songs

Poems are songs, or for musicians Songs are poems. It’s inescapable, if one can write a song then he can write a poem, and conversely if one can write a poem, he can write a song.

They were called psalms in ancient times but they still took the form of poems.  It matters not what the subject matter is, and many of the lasting songs of our culture are not about puerile love, or love lost.

The Battle Hymn of The Republic comes to mind immediately, so does Old MacDonald Had A Farm.  Canadian Sunset another, and I Left My Heart In San Francisco.  Our National Anthem is a poem put to music.

Elvis Presley’s Love Me Tender is about love but not puerile or love lost.  By the way the original title of the song is Loralie.

Poems tell stories, songs tell stories, even if very short.

Rhyming the ends of sentences in poems and songs make them sound more coherent and  most consider more pleasant. In fact it is one  of the signature qualities of poetry that makes it stand  out from prose or  other writings.  These days, it is not ascendant nor vital.  Mainly, I believe because the music, the carrier medium for songs is what causes the emotional response is more desired than the lyrics.  And, since just about all of the considered great poetry has been issued about every kind of subject, the fact of rhyming has been to a large degree shelved.  However, I see it as perhaps a matter more of literacy than preference since literacy has as much to do with the ability to express oneself fully as it does with the ability to understand what is communicated to oneself.

So strong still is the need for poetry in our makeup (songs count) that people take the names of poets.  For example: Robert Zimmerman adopted the name Bob Dylan from Dylan Thomas the poet.  Lullabies are poems and so are tone poems*.

We as a species will never escape the need for the aesthetic of poetry or song,  since the rhythm of both is essential to and often parallels the rhythms of life.

So, create a song or a poem or both, and create some more life.

*Orchestral pieces derived from folk tales or literature.

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