Five months after sequel to CAME / BLIND COMPARISON

I am reissuing this challenge in celebration of my ninth book’s publication. Five months after the debut of the sizzling sequel to the very real Confessions of an Alien Marooned on Earth comes the TRILOGY. Bringing to resolution the alien’s predicament. This project like the previous one, offers signed copies to the best reviews. It’s a “blind” comparison, comparing the opinions of Sci-Fi enthusiasts with those who never or seldom read science fiction. All entrants receive at least a Kindle/PDF copy gratis.

Entry requirements: 1) Valid email address, 2) account, 3) Length of review has to be 100 words or greater.

This contest will run until 10 in number or greater reviews are received and accepted as per 1) through 3) or until author deems it no longer of interest to himself or his publisher.

That’s It,

Third Book In Trilogy Complete

Third Book In Trilogy Complete

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A Few More Notes On Dental Health

Brushing and flossing, and cleaning with mouthwash to not get cavities is all in the direction of the wrong target.  What a person should be doing is looking to what they are putting in their bodies, what they are eating, they’re diet,  which makes the teeth weak.  Or conversely looking to put only in their bodies more of the nutrients necessary to make and KEEP their teeth healthy and strong, meaning resistant to any type of bacteria.  Because bacteria will always be in the mouth. That’s it’s purpose, to breakdown food so it can be digested and utilized to build and replace cells in the body.  Bacteria has the same effect on teeth and might as well add the inner mouth.  Where do you think cancor sores come from?

Continue reading

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The Almost Dentist

Well, dear Dr. (DDS), we see that like all the other dentists before you, that I have been a patient of, you persist in calling off numbers in front of my face while I’m helpless in your dental chair.  Numbers, which are never sufficiently explained as you tell your dental assistant with such authority, #9, a “3” #10, “5”, #11, “3”  #12 a “9” and on and on.  Looking wise and as if you needed to you to your lay friends coming to you for, not just a resolution to immediate pain or discomfort, but for the wisdom of how the teeth react to decayed food, and what are deep pockets, where do they come from, what parts of the tooth is effected and why.   Not even a picture.  Instead a negative, immediately associated with fractures and tumors, which scares the beJesus out people and confounds them. Yes your priesthood jargon that you have become so complacent to repeat robotically, you have lost the value of a true doctor of anything. WISDOM. I’ve just this week had to have two molars extracted, one for sure would have never been necessary except with neglect of proper communciation about that tooth and peridontal health.  And next week a second front upper tooth that for sure needed to be cared for by proper indoctrination.

If you want to be only a mechanic / technician, then say so in your ads and on the phone.  “Hi, I’m doctor Bradbury and I am a faithful mechanical dentist.  You will always get the latest mechanically sound technology applied at our family / happy dental practice.”


There are enough babies being born every day, to more than adequately supply dentists with dental and oral problems to settle with appliances, and teeth straightness etc.   We’ll get the mothers next time on the handling of that phenomena.  And so what?  What IF everyone finally realizes, truly understands how important it is to know the care of teeth, their teeth for the duration?   Why, even if you were no longer needed, would that be such a terrible condition to be in?   No, most dental work is CORRECTIVE.  WISDOM, about teeth, about any damn thing, predicts no or very little CORRECTION.   An occasional car crash/ motorcycle crash where the parties don’t die, but their mouths are messed up, see?  Still needed along with the less than optimum babies.

So, Dr. (DDS) The Almost Dentist (or Mechanical Dentist), what’s it gonna be?

Be sure to look over Dr. Ramiel Nagel’s

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Compulsory Education – A Failure For Many Years

I wish to add a few more comments to the original post. (See in context italics)

It has been observed that anything which is done automatically is better done by hand. So it is and has been and with worsening results with education when done compulsorily. The guilds of the 12th through the 18th century were exceedingly successful in educating its apprentice students in skills necessary to carry on survival in a maturing society, raising its head from the Dark Ages.

Where we went wrong was, not in providing school houses for our children in which they could read books and ask questions of a preceptor but, in passing laws making it compulsory to attend. In fact our civilization began, almost imperceptibly, to decline the moment we as adults agreed to be forced to sending our children “to school legally”, and of course accepting fiscal funding through taxation for this encroachment on the rights of children and parents.

“Life is the best educator”, is a saying that over and over again has been accepted by the multitudes, Continue reading

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Poetry and Songs

Poems are songs, or for musicians Songs are poems. It’s inescapable, if one can write a song then he can write a poem, and conversely if one can write a poem, he can write a song.

They were called psalms in ancient times but they still took the form of poems.  It matters not what the subject matter is, and many of the lasting songs of our culture are not about puerile love, or love lost.

The Battle Hymn of The Republic comes to mind immediately, so does Old MacDonald Had A Farm.  Canadian Sunset another, and I Left My Heart In San Francisco.  Our National Anthem is a poem put to music.

Elvis Presley’s Love Me Tender is about love but not puerile or love lost.  By the way the original title of the song is Loralie.

Poems tell stories, songs tell stories, even if very short.

Rhyming the ends of sentences in poems and songs make them sound more coherent and  most consider more pleasant. In fact it is one  of the signature qualities of poetry that makes it stand  out from prose or  other writings.  These days, it is not ascendant nor vital.  Mainly, I believe because the music, the carrier medium for songs is what causes the emotional response is more desired than the lyrics.  And, since just about all of the considered great poetry has been issued about every kind of subject, the fact of rhyming has been to a large degree shelved.  However, I see it as perhaps a matter more of literacy than preference since literacy has as much to do with the ability to express oneself fully as it does with the ability to understand what is communicated to oneself.

So strong still is the need for poetry in our makeup (songs count) that people take the names of poets.  For example: Robert Zimmerman adopted the name Bob Dylan from Dylan Thomas the poet.  Lullabies are poems and so are tone poems*.

We as a species will never escape the need for the aesthetic of poetry or song,  since the rhythm of both is essential to and often parallels the rhythms of life.

So, create a song or a poem or both, and create some more life.

*Orchestral pieces derived from folk tales or literature.

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The elements of maintaining an artistic identity

A  while ago my brother brought to me some books from a book sale.

One of these, the first of James A. Michener’s* that I read, was SPACE; a truly interesting story about our astronauts, beginning with the rocket scientists in Germany during WWII.   Then recently I doubled my pleasure by picking up and reading The Drifters by Michener, which particularly gratified my interest in his writings by being a book very much in tune with the times I grew up during the Vietnam War.

Then I got my hands on a truly unique creative work called The Novel–Michener again.  And it is this book that I highly, no HIGHLY recommend that any author, and that includes composers and songwriters as well should read this story.

Besides predicting the de-evolution of publishing away from traditional methods, and the observance of the plight of publishing companies who get taken over by conglomerates. It is a living mentorship to any author who will knowingly or unknowingly go through all the stages of worry, self-doubt, conflict over modesty vs. triumph; and, conservative outlook in light of the datum, “An author is only as good as his last book/song,” (which datum is maybe an industry maxim but not one in the creative arts), and all written in The Novel, twenty-five years ago.

It will very incisively inform any, writer, songwriter, artist what to expect in attaining the success desired and what the liabilities are when you attain that success, trying to maintain it.

*Motion pictures TEXAS, CENTENNIAL and many others derived from his books.





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The Flag is Back

It’s BACK.  That American Flag I mean.  Waving oh so majestically.  So proudly in brightest hues of RED-WHITE-BLUE.  The earlier flag was getting tattered (by the whipping action of the wind) as all flags eventually do.  Like the legendary Phoenix she rises again.

Why do I wax so enthusiastically?  Because we are so DAMN LUCKY to live and live long and well in America.

Can you imaging living anywhere else.  Where? Why?

I read recently that Johnny Depp moved to France.  So what, he’s still able to come here anytime.  Individuals like Depp don’t move to the U.S. because they believe there is a better country or opportunity.  Usually a person or celebrity wants a better deal on taxation.  Now Mr. Depp is happily back, the tax thing even worse in France because he’d be paying to both countries.

This flag measures 30 feet by 60 feet and can be seen from a mile away.


I’ve included a MUCH better picture now that the skies cleared…WHICH



American Flag 3












2)American Flag 6






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Why Politicians Are Like Dodo Birds

Well, politicians are like dodo birds because they were never aware that they were going extinct. That’s number one. Number two, it’s a common saying, people say “You’re out of your bird,” when someone does something very silly or very stupid. Politicians say and do things that are very stupid. Sometimes they withhold doing things which they should have done that also constitutes a kind of stupidity.

So, yes I can compare politicians with dodo birds with complete impunity. That’s the image they are now projecting and have been for the last couple of decades to voters and to citizens; that they have pretty much lost contact with their true function.

Yeah, the Dodo bird, kind of a stupid silly bird that became extinct many years ago. I suppose in the not too distant future we’ll be saying the same thing about politicians. “Oh yeah, politicians, weren’t they around about ten or fifteen years ago?  Kind of silly people doing the same silly things; getting involved in scandals when they should be doing their jobs.” That type of thing. They’ll continue to be fodder for jokes, probably up until that time, and then be an historical footnote that no one really cares about.

I attest that their are no hidden messages in this blog.

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By The Time I Leave This World

BY THE TIME I leave this world,  even at a great age, I expect that I will be as healthy as when I entered it: not senile, not an invalid, not feeble minded, not in pain, ill or disfigured.  And not sexually impotent. This is no doubt at variance with the bulk of humanity if the bulk of humanity even considers the subject.

Shockingly,  I surmise for most, I have had this expectancy since infancy, possibly much longer.  Although I can not with complete certainty state that this has always been the case, I can say that a version of this statement has always been a part of my character.

Truly, I have never seen a reason for gradual decline of the human condition into toothless, blind, tasteless and helpless dependency, as Shakespeare so adequately describes at the end of his eloquent soliloquy beginning with these words, “All the world is a stage, and all the men and women merely players etc.”

In fact, much like the character of Benjamin Button, I anticipate the gradual reverse of the above cycle at the end of life, completely doing away with tombstones and graveyards, sextons and funeral parlors. Won’t that be a boon? It makes for a much cleaner, even perfect resolution. Instead of the progeny looking on with dismay as their parents wilt and wrinkle, become childlike and inconstant, they will probably see them disappear as healthy embryos.  Who knows perhaps a beloved ritual of eating the embryos will emerge and be the standard instead of burial in a molding coffin or incineration and dumping into watery graves.

Personally I expect to have a bushy head of hair again and get back to wearing leather jackets while riding motorcycles as I did quite a lot in my late thirties and early forties. And just today I was stopped into a clothing store to use their rest room and I spied a beautiful women’s leather jacket and coming out of the RR I asked a sales clerk if the store had any leather jackets for men.  We walked over to a rack and the first one she picked looked great and fit perfectly.  You wouldn’t ever guess the sale price.  One third the way there. Hah!

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Gong to the Great Beyond – Part II

To add in measure a relevant datum to my previous: I called a grocery store today to verify if they carried a type of cereal I liked a lot but had not seen locally in Nashville. The female who answered connected my call but a couple of minutes later another female voice answered “Stationery” when I had asked for “Grocery”. The female answering Stationery, to be kind, probably tried to connect my call to the correct department but failed and I dialed the store again. Got the same female voice as the 1st time. I told her what had just happened about the mis-switching and to the girl answering I said, “Must be a bunch of newbies in the store.” her reply was, “The operator just died this week and yes I’ve never done this type of job before.

The point is, the operator who is departed didn’t give notice, so the above ensued and who knows how many more similar calls will occur for awhile until the “Girl who has never done this before” learns how. If you’re gonna go, GO, but give notice too, or not so long as you’re replacement for your post is in the groove.

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