The Sex Life of The Date – FILM

Eureka! I have found a copy on YouTube. meanwhile…one more tidbit worth having that I could add right now (for those who dig dates): The “Medjool Date” variety is often referred to as the Cadillac of dates. Medjools, get this, were first grown in California in the 1930′s from 11 offshoots imported by the USDA from Morocco. The original trees in Morocco were destroyed by disease, and all the Medjool Dates grown in the world today are descended from those offshoots brought to the California Desert. (!) That’s what I say about that.

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Why Is Charles Walking?

Charles had a car once that he drove to the UNA campus and there he went into the Collier library most every day to work.  What did Charles work on?  His book of poetry, “Poetry My Mother Would’ve Approved”.   He spent quite a long time each day learning about the publishing industry and how to compile and present his work so that it could be and would be accepted for publication.  Then on the night of July 31st 2009 his car “burned up” on 72 coming back that rainy night from Huntsville, after having flown in from L.A. from his mother’s funeral service given at sea.  The head gasket is what “burned up” – they go when the heat of the engine exceeds a certain degree, and that is because…?  Several possible reasons.  Nevertheless, Charles brought his car to a man named Wayne Quinn in Florence who had done work on the car before and said for 375.00 he would repair the gasket.  Charles has limited funds, he had to go with lowest quote.

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Palette Expansion vs Extraction

   If ever someone has to have teeth removed from the upper palette or knows of parents that are going to have this done to one of their children in order to make room for otherwise crowded teeth: don’t engage in extraction without first sincerely considering an alternative, to wit, palette expansion.

   Palette expansion, especially in the case of a young dental mouth is far better since the palette and maxilla (upper jaw) are capable of enlargement with gentle pressure from a simple orthodontic device.  Plus the possibility of later in life experiencing the phenomenon of unsightly gaps between teeth will have been reduced almost entirely.

   Unsightly gaps and loose fitting upper teeth are more than likely the future result. Perish the thought if an upper molar also should be extracted as often happens when persons age.

  Age 14 I underwent such treatment in order to “solve” a crowded lower set of teeth and ensure that my upper palette would not suffer from overcrowding.  Braces and bi-plate, whole bit, no pun.  I speak from experience.  The reason palette expansion is  not used on the lower set  of  teeth is, the lower jaw area is filled with the tongue and cannot successfully be treated the way the upper palette is treated. 

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Naked and Afraid

Naked and Afraid, is a recent new ‘Reality Show’ which I like a lot and consider has a good deal of merit.  Seen on H2 one of the History Channels on cable.  It’s built on the idea of two adept individuals, who have some familiarity with surviving in the wild, sometimes a great deal. The two are sent completely naked into a forbidding territory, such as the veldt in Africa, or in a recent challenge, The Amazon.  They have no food, no water, and at best one machete and flint to make fire.  Nothing else, and for 21 days until they by their own efforts and instincts make their way to a pre-designated pick-up area, usually several miles from their starting point.  Keep in mind the two have not before met, and must quickly get familiar with each others persona and with the environment so they don’t perish. Many and difficult are the barriers to remaining in the hostile environment and how the two overcome them is one of the best and main parts of the show.  It’s value, to me, is as follows:

Naked and Afraid subliminally and graphically instructs how vital it is for two people to confront survival together, especially a man and a woman—which has been down through the ages always the preferred pairing because of the various roles and functions that the two take that compliment each other.  For instance in one episode the woman was able to make the fire when the man didn’t succeed in making the fire which was necessary for cooking food or warmth inside under the shelter. The man in another instance, in two or three instances goes out and hunts, kills and brings back the food, the vittles, for survival and the woman prepared it. So here we have a symbiotic relationship that harks back to the tradition of man and woman in harness together to survive better, not only surviving but surviving very well in some cases against the harshest environment challenges or environmental situations.

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Seek To Live With The Truth

When you know, you KNOW, and when you’re right you’re RIGHT.

A few days ago, as I was leaving I handed a book on ‘Character Education’ to a cashier at an East Indian grocery, asking him if the owner had given him a copy in Hindi previously in the past month or so. The owner purchased a dozen so he could give them out to his employees in their native language. The cashier said no, so I gave and English copy to him, one that I had with me. Upon leaving the store I noticed the Kindle I was carrying was no longer with me and I raced back to get it. The same clerk told me, “You left with it under your arm.” I looked at him for awhile, then retraced my steps to see where I might have dropped it. Nowhere. Went back and probed the matter with him as to sequences during and after my checkout. Again he tells me, “You left with it, I’m sure.” After retracing my steps a second and third time, I re-enter the store to find that a female staff member has just taken it out of a drawer at the stand where the checkout occurred and was asking what she should do with it. “It’s mine,” I said and retook possession. One of the precepts in the book discusses: “Seek To Live With The Truth”. Another (#14), “Be Worthy of Trust”. As I was leaving this fourth time, he approached me and apologized.


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Athleticism is Superior to Capitalism

Very superior.  What do I mean by Athleticism?  Think of the Olympics.

Think of professional level sports, think of college field and track.  Think of tumblers, acrobats, marathoners, skilled dancers.  In short, anyone who has complete control of their physical being.

Now, the idea of a weak person, sickly, hesitant, stumbling, overweight making a go of it in this world.  Grim, is it not?

 Capitalism depends upon and derives its “existence” from the work done by and the production of men and their machines.  Itself is not a producing organism or dynamic.  It could not exist without athletic endeavors. Continue reading

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What’s your thought

I was reading in a journal about magic and magicians’ when to my eyes comes a story of women fainting when a magician runs afoul of his helpers in a trick where he is to change instantly from street clothes to that of Mephisto (The Devil in this case).  The workman helping is too strenuous in his efforts, misses the mark and the magician is left standing practically naked in front of his audience, wherein “women fainted” etc.

Do women really faint when they see a normal man naked indoors?  Is it because they want to show embarrassment when the magician doesn’t and they think that someone should so they supply that reaction instead?  Or are they overtaken with passion of a sort, a desire that wells up in them, I think naturally, become emotionally if not physically “heated” and expire as one with a fever?

How do you see  it?

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Aesthetics is where Man may ultimately find his salvation

    It may turn out eventually that aesthetics is where Man ultimately finds his salvation.  And it would be fitting if he did, for certainly it has been through the mis-use of aesthetics that he has floundered and foundered. Examine for instance how the invention of the guillotine was so widely and wildly received because it was clean swift and thorough in its lethal use.  An aesthetic but with what product?  Sudden death.  The Nobel Peace Prize was created by Alfred Nobel a chemist who invented dynamite; it is used constructively and destructively by terrorists and assassins.

White Huskie I’m quite sure both uses are seen as beautiful when it carries out the intention behind it. And, isn’t a huge brilliant mushroom of atomic gases and radiation seen as startlingly lovely to anyone who is safely many miles away?  Do you think perhaps one consideration remains that many scientists loved the idea of the “bomb” and still do?

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Compulsory Education – A Failure

It has been observed that anything which is done automatically is better done by hand. So it is and has been and with worsening results with education when done compulsorily. The guilds of the 12th through the 18th century were exceedingly successful in educating its apprentice students in skills necessary to carry on survival in a maturing society, raising its head from the Dark Ages.

Where we went wrong was, not in providing school houses for our children in which they could read books and ask questions of a preceptor but, in passing laws making it compulsory to attend. In fact our civilization began, almost imperceptibly, to decline the moment we as adults agreed to be forced to sending our children “to school legally”, and of course accepting fiscal funding through taxation for this encroachment on the rights of children and parents.

“Life is the best educator”, is a saying that over and over again has been accepted by the multitudes, Continue reading

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Aliens and Who We Are

Well I guess its time to let the cat out of the bag and get down to some serious business here:  aliens on planet earth, extra-terrestrial visitations and such.  By now many of us have seen UFOs some have been inside—in fact many more than realized—but who wants to tell their neighbors and be the subject of ridicule or quiet ostracism?

Have I seen a UFO?  Yes.  Have you seen a UFO or what could be deemed an unidentified flying or stationary sky object not of Earth orgin?  Probably you have and may not have realized it or cared to note it mentally.  The vast majority are at night.

Have I met any aliens?  Continue reading

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