Our Beautiful American Flag

Recently I was lucky to observe, one morning while at work outside, a large American flag rippling, framed against a bright blue sky and patchy white clouds .  There was (and is) a certain beauty about it and that it was a larger than usual sized replica of our nation’s emblem.  A breeze, at 8 to 10 miles an hour was causing our flag to unfurl and collapse gently its folds repeatedly as if in a dancing freedom seen sometimes in ballet, and reminiscent of the swishing motion of a salamander.

A  week later I was amazed at the size of an American flag unfurled over an entire football field, held by some 100 plus volunteers and at the end of the star-spangled banner in unison the volunteers gently lifted and lowered the edges of the flag causing it to ripple gently.


I invite others to continue to witness the symbolic beauty of a nation that is still ALIVE, still, despite many enticements and provocations to do otherwise, living its original purpose.


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The Power of Chicken Soup

I remember very distinctly, one day, when I was not feeling well…I was down. I decided to make my own chicken soup from scratch. Included a whole host of vegetables in it.

Got out the pots, the cutting devices. No recipe. Just Hell Bent For Leather. Started with some poultry. Put that on the stove and boiled for about two hours. Took the broth and pieces of chicken, which fell apart from the bone, and set that aside. Then I added vegetables. Tons of vegetables. Bok choy, spinach with the stems trimmed. Celery diced up, zucchini diced up. Just everything you could imagine. Cilantro. I had about 17 different vegetables in there. I poured that combination into the home made chicken broth. Simmered that for about fifteen minutes. Wala! Talk about a resurrection. My demeanor was not the same and remained positive for a long time, in fact indefinitely afterwards.

If I had a hundred million gallons of that soup, I could SAVE the world. Save the planet and make a change in a lot of peoples’ lives.

Let’s see…did I include onions?  

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The Reincarnation of Edgar Allan Poe

Today marks the first day of this book’s appearance in a Amazon dot com COUNTDOWN. What means this? Well…Find out what really happens when we go to the GREAT BEYOND. Find out what truly caused Poe’s death, that has had his readers, scholars and critics theorizing about it endlessly.
It isn’t just a direct result from the study I’ve done over the years of the spritual nature of Man that caused the writing of The Reincarnation of Edgar A. Poe, but it sure helped. You see as I mention in the book, I for some time had seen many similarities between who Poe was and who he became. Then of learning from these studies of lectures by his successor all the phenomena of transitioning from one life to the next, well…. The true fun was in discovering the clues from all the already existing written evidences abounding about these three Great Men. That was the enormous joy it brought me. And so we have today my simple offer PLUS the de-shrouding of the one mystery that has had Poe lovers, readers, scholars, and critics buzzing and fussing endlessly about how his last days came to pass. You get all this for a trim .99 but for only a couple of days. The countdown continues and Amazon raises the ante every two days, so…
Here’s an excerpt from a Poe Scholar about TREAP:
“I enjoyed very much your lively quotes about reincarnation from Wordsworth, London, Patton, etc. They make an effective opening… I’m on surer ground in reading about Franklin and Poe, and found very enlightening the lines you draw between them: their work for magazines and newspapers; their mutual insistence on avoiding mere ornamentation; their swimming (!); their contempt for plagiarism; their mutual habitation of Boston, New York, and Philadelphia [sic]; their joint opposition to slavery; the popularity they achieved as American writers. Hadn’t thought of benevolence in Poe, but you are surely right in speaking of his devotion to his family, and also in asserting his difference from Franklin due to his traumatic childhood…Wishing you best of luck with the monograph and the book, Regards,”
- Kenneth E. Silverman (Pulitzer-Prize Winning Biographer)

TREAP is also available in soft cover and hard cover as well, from my imprint Velvet Gloves Publishing.

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Our Planet vs. Theirs

For those reading this that are somewhat interested and somewhat informed about UFO phenomena, and extra terrestrial visitations, I offer the following. Is it not reasonable even obvious that if there are extraterrestrial beings visiting us from outside our solar system, which is the given, are they going to be silly enough to do something to provoke a primitive (in comparison) civilization into attacking them with nuclear capabilities? A quote unquote “civilization” whose favorite game is genocide. Whose every Sci-Fi book, TV series or motion picture has invaders annihilating or trying to annihilate some other space society or subjugate them entirely.

Do alien beings know who we are? You bet, and they are clever to not land on Earth and cause a ruckus and get put in a zoo or cut up in a laboratory, even hunted down and killed, one way or the other.

Let’s look at the fact of just how many documented sightings there have been in the last century, leaving off those in earlier centuries and artifacts depicting UFOs from ancient times (didn’t know that?). Tens and tens of thousands. Leaving off ridiculed accounts of abductions. Omitting reports by qualified military and air defense personnel of seeing air ships as long a mile in length hovering close to the ground. Skip the crop circles, perfectly made and only visible from the air initially.

But take into account what astronomers are lately discovering and observing in the distant worlds of distant galaxies…planets of approximately our size and approximately equi-distant to a sun in a similar configuration. Take into account Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter are among noteworthy persons who have seen UFOs aka flying saucers.

What does your gut tell you about all this? Right. You are correct to conclude just that. First you are right in considering it, second you are right in knowing that it will be quite some time before any “visitors” deem it safe to parley with Man, and third, you are absolutely correct in that it is best to get on with your life and Life in general and not give much attention to “aliens” and UFOs. In time Earth will become a friendlier planet, and there will be undoubtedly many opportunities to fraternize with our distant neighbors. Don’t expect to go to their globe and take a ride on one of their roller coasters, but then again you might. Oh, and yes I’ve observed a UFO, circa 1989 in Los Angeles, around 8:00PM DST.

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Why Pizza?

Why Pizza? A lot of people eat pizza; a lot of pizza companies advertize they’re the best because…etc etc. I used to eat pizza, the thicker the crust the better. But now I don’t. In fact I wonder that I ate it at all before. There’s very little nourishment to pizza, it tired me when I ate it; and, there are so many better choices these days, and have been for years. I’m not just talking about the great sandwiches at S—-Y or Q—–Z, I’m referring to power bars packed with protein and tasty. I’m talking about organic fig bars (super yummy); even yogurt in 6 oz cups sprinkled with raw nuts. If a person is going to make pizza their dinner as I’m sure many do, why not order something about the same price like four-hour roasted chicken with pickled radishes as the outfit Z—-U Chicken provides? Plus it’s so hard to keep pizza warm, and we all know that once the pie gets cold it’s impossible to reheat the next day and come up with anything decent. I’ve seen more cold pizza thrown away because it got cold, that could if it had been converted somehow to chicken sandwiches or even chicken salads would feed an entire elementary school grade, and much more profitably. (From expanded edition of On Conquering Things)

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Poem selected

Creating a new poem for a compilation that is a sequel to an earlier book of poems can seem daunting, but the idea of a sequel seemed to be natural. I sent two to the editor of EveryWritersResource.com. He liked the second. (Big smile) Always a good idea to send two or three so the publisher can choose.   Wind Chimes

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The Sex Life of The Date – FILM

Eureka! I have found a copy on YouTube. Romance & Sex LIfe of the Date meanwhile…one more tidbit worth having that I could add right now (for those who dig dates): The “Medjool Date” variety is often referred to as the Cadillac of dates. Medjools, get this, were first grown in California in the 1930′s from 11 offshoots imported by the USDA from Morocco. The original trees in Morocco were destroyed by disease, and all the Medjool Dates grown in the world today are descended from those offshoots brought to the California Desert. (!) That’s what I say about that.

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Why Is Charles Walking?

Charles had a car once that he drove to the UNA campus and there he went into the Collier library most every day to work.  What did Charles work on?  His book of poetry, “Poetry My Mother Would’ve Approved”.   He spent quite a long time each day learning about the publishing industry and how to compile and present his work so that it could be and would be accepted for publication.  Then on the night of July 31st 2009 his car “burned up” on 72 coming back that rainy night from Huntsville, after having flown in from L.A. from his mother’s funeral service given at sea.  The head gasket is what “burned up” – they go when the heat of the engine exceeds a certain degree, and that is because…?  Several possible reasons.  Nevertheless, Charles brought his car to a man named Wayne Quinn in Florence who had done work on the car before and said for 375.00 he would repair the gasket.  Charles has limited funds, he had to go with lowest quote.

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Palette Expansion vs Extraction

   If ever someone has to have teeth removed from the upper palette or knows of parents that are going to have this done to one of their children in order to make room for otherwise crowded teeth: don’t engage in extraction without first sincerely considering an alternative, to wit, palette expansion.

   Palette expansion, especially in the case of a young dental mouth is far better since the palette and maxilla (upper jaw) are capable of enlargement with gentle pressure from a simple orthodontic device.  Plus the possibility of later in life experiencing the phenomenon of unsightly gaps between teeth will have been reduced almost entirely.

   Unsightly gaps and loose fitting upper teeth are more than likely the future result. Perish the thought if an upper molar also should be extracted as often happens when persons age.

  Age 14 I underwent such treatment in order to “solve” a crowded lower set of teeth and ensure that my upper palette would not suffer from overcrowding.  Braces and bi-plate, whole bit, no pun.  I speak from experience.  The reason palette expansion is  not used on the lower set  of  teeth is, the lower jaw area is filled with the tongue and cannot successfully be treated the way the upper palette is treated. 

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Naked and Afraid

Naked and Afraid, is a recent new ‘Reality Show’ which I like a lot and consider has a good deal of merit.  Seen on H2 one of the History Channels on cable.  It’s built on the idea of two adept individuals, who have some familiarity with surviving in the wild, sometimes a great deal. The two are sent completely naked into a forbidding territory, such as the veldt in Africa, or in a recent challenge, The Amazon.  They have no food, no water, and at best one machete and flint to make fire.  Nothing else, and for 21 days until they by their own efforts and instincts make their way to a pre-designated pick-up area, usually several miles from their starting point.  Keep in mind the two have not before met, and must quickly get familiar with each others persona and with the environment so they don’t perish. Many and difficult are the barriers to remaining in the hostile environment and how the two overcome them is one of the best and main parts of the show.  It’s value, to me, is as follows:

Naked and Afraid subliminally and graphically instructs how vital it is for two people to confront survival together, especially a man and a woman—which has been down through the ages always the preferred pairing because of the various roles and functions that the two take that compliment each other.  For instance in one episode the woman was able to make the fire when the man didn’t succeed in making the fire which was necessary for cooking food or warmth inside under the shelter. The man in another instance, in two or three instances goes out and hunts, kills and brings back the food, the vittles, for survival and the woman prepared it. So here we have a symbiotic relationship that harks back to the tradition of man and woman in harness together to survive better, not only surviving but surviving very well in some cases against the harshest environment challenges or environmental situations.

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