Aesthetics is where Man may ultimately find his salvation

    It may turn out eventually that aesthetics is where Man ultimately finds his salvation.  And it would be fitting if he did, for certainly it has been through the mis-use of aesthetics that he has floundered and foundered. Examine for instance how the invention of the guillotine was so widely and wildly received because it was clean swift and thorough in its lethal use.  An aesthetic but with what product?  Sudden death.  The Nobel Peace Prize was created by Alfred Nobel a chemist who invented dynamite; it is used constructively and destructively by terrorists and assassins.

White Huskie I’m quite sure both uses are seen as beautiful when it carries out the intention behind it. And, isn’t a huge brilliant mushroom of atomic gases and radiation seen as startlingly lovely to anyone who is safely many miles away?  Do you think perhaps one consideration remains that many scientists loved the idea of the “bomb” and still do?

 How can Man use aesthetics to send him toward a more desirable existence?  For one, several hospital administrators have discovered for some time and arranged the playing of soothing music inside maternity wards, where the babies are discovered to be less colic, less temperamental. They rest longer and better. This has now evolved into the additional discovery that it works for most patients in hospital type atmospheres. What person doesn’t feel more tranquil, even more alive in front of and viewing a fine painter’s masterpiece.  This practice is less well known but is seeing some utilization such as above. I get that way seeing that quality of art reproduced in a digital form as well.  We’re noticing an upswing in LIVE television programming where dancing and vocalizing is praised copiously and the artists get better and better as the shows continue. We should never pass up the occasion to complement a quality product or service.  That is the aesthetic we want to encourage.

   Lastly there is beauty to self mastery.  Poets and philosophers have written and spoken of it a myriad number of times.  It is possibly a goal which if a larger proportion of our society made it there duty to accomplish, concurrently we would see a swift rise in the culture’s stability.

In my future blogs I’ll write about a method to attain that goal or any goal—that is nearly undefeatable.

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